DOJ: Values and Ethics

The Department of Justice has published a Values and Ethics code on their website HERE.

Chapter I – Values


The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that the federal public sector[1] remains professional, non-partisan and ethical, and worthy of the trust and respect of Canadians. As public servants, we contribute to good governance, to democracy and to the well-being of Canadian society. We are committed to respecting the law and to upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness.

In accordance with section 6 of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA), the Values and Ethics Code of the Department of Justice (the Code) sets out the values and ethics that guide public servants at the Department in all their professional activities. It also provides a set of guidelines and principles to support ethical behaviour and decision making for all public servants. Established in consultation with the Department’s employees and bargaining agents, it is our common guide.

The public servants at the Department are proud to work together, drawing on the richness of its diverse staff. As a group, we are conscious of the fact that Canadians expect transparency and respect for the principle of accountability from public authorities at all levels and that this has an impact on their work.

This firm commitment to the values and ethics enshrined in the Code will allow us to carry out the mandate of the Department and build a healthy and productive work environment that fosters innovation, while at the same time meeting the high expectations of Canadians. This is our collective commitment, and it is our individual responsibility.

Table of Contents

For the full document, go to their website HERE.

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