A Woolley: “Top Ten Canadian Legal Ethics Stories – 2013”

Posted to ABlawg on January 3, 2014

Once again John Steele at Legal Ethics Forum has compiled his list of the top ten ethics stories of 2013 (here). As was the case last year, his list has inspired me to think about the top ten ethics stories in Canada (2012 is here). On reviewing last year’s list it is clear that a number of the stories of significance in 2012 remained important this year. As well, legal ethics in Canada continues to develop as a matter of practical and intellectual significance, with practitioners, judges, regulators and academics paying attention to the conduct and regulation of lawyers and judges.

Thanks to Professor Annalise Acorn of the University of Alberta, and Malcolm Mercer of McCarthy Tetrault, for their assistance in compiling this list.

For the full list, links and opportunity to comment, click HERE.

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