S Kierstead and E Abner: “Learning Professionalism in Practice”

Shelley M. Kierstead, York University – Osgoode Hall Law School and Erika Abner, University of Toronto – Postgraduate Medical Education Office

2013 Osgoode CLPE Research Paper No. 59/203


This paper describes exploratory research into learning professionalism, ethics and civility in the legal workplace. We begin by setting out the issue as described by scholars, regulators, insurers, courts, and practicing lawyers, then examine the literature on developing a professional identity through learning at work. We employed a focus group method to gather data on the issues that practicing lawyers experience during their working day, as well as how they learn to define, identify, and manage these professionalism and ethical issues.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 89

To download the paper off SSRN, click HERE


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