Seizing the Opportunity: Lawyer Licensing and Legal Education for the Future

From Blogging for Equality, and posted on November 3, 2012

Seizing the Opportunity: Lawyer Licensing and Legal Education for the Future

Professor David Wiseman
The Ontario legal community is being presented with an historic opportunity to forge a new partnership between legal regulators and educators on the nature and content of professional licensing and education. To seize this opportunity, we need to bring together all the stakeholders at a table that is set for open identification of wants and needs(and interests and impacts), meaningful engagement with issues, difficult discussions about resources and collaboration on innovative problem-solving.  The law schools and legal regulators should have equal seats at the table, which ought to be at arms-length from both, and which should also include law firms and lawyers, practitioner associations, Legal Aid, legal clinics, pro bono law, law students, equality-seeking groups and the general public(to name the most obvious).  The results could usher in a new horizon of experiential legal education with integrated lawyer licensing that harnesses the profession’s practical expertise and promotes knowledge and skills for systemic advancements in access to justice.  Imagine!
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Five Year Report on Regulation of Paralegals in Ontario

Report to the Attorney General of Ontario Report of Appointee’s Five-Year Review of Paralegal Regulation in Ontario

Pursuant to Section 63.1 of the Law Society Act November 2

Prepared and Respectfully Submitted by: David J. Morris, MBA

From the Executive Summary of the report:

In the interest of striking some measure of balance between enhancing public access to justice and ensuring protection for those receiving legal advice from non-lawyers, on May 1, 2007, persons providing paralegal services in Ontario joined the province’s lawyers under regulation of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Event: Does Zealous Advocacy have a Future in Canada?

When: Thursday December 6, 2012 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST Add to Calendar

Where: Heenan Blaikie Bay Adelaide Centre 333 Bay Street, Suite 2900 Skyfold Boardrooms Toronto, ON M5H 2T4

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What are the appropriate limits to “vigorous”  advocacy?  When and how does it  constitute professional misconduct in the form of “incivility”? What  is the role of the Law Society when the presiding judge has not objected to  counsel’s conduct? In June, the Law Society of Upper Canada ruled  in its high profile discipline hearing that Joe Groia crossed the  “civility” line during his successful defence of John  Felderhof. Groia’s case, now on appeal, has sparked wide and heated  discussion. On Thursday, December 6, a panel of leading  Canadian jurists will debate the impact of this and other developments on  lawyers and their clients across the country.  Come and join the  discussion, either in person or by live-stream, in what promises to be a  spirited and informative evening.  Wine and cheese will follow at the live  event. Continue reading