Judicial Independence in Context

Adam Dodek and Lorne Sossin, eds., Judicial Independence in Context ( Toronto: Irwin Law, 2010).

A collection of essays by leading scholars, lawyers, and judges that examines both the theory and practice of judicial independence in Canada and around the world.  Contributors include: Peter Hogg; Lori Sterling & Sean Hanley; Lorne Sossin; Graeme G. Mitchell; Benjamin Alarie & Andrew Green; Jacob Ziegel; Sonia Lawrence; Rosemary Cairns Way; Patricia Hughes; Adam Dodek; Karen Eltis; Graham Gee; Jameson W. Doig; Amnon Reichman; Penelope Andrews; Fabien Gelina; Martin L. Friedland; John Honderich; Justice Robert J. Sharpe & Michelle Bradfield; Janice Gross Stein; Peter H. Russell; and Justice Brian W. Lennox.

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