The Canadian Association for Legal Ethics/Association canadienne pour l’ethique juridique (CALE/ACEJ) is a federal not-for-profit corporation whose members are academics, lawyers, and regulators interested in topics related to ethics and professionalism in the Canadian legal profession.  CALE/ACEJ seeks to encourage and facilitate debate on issues of legal ethics and professionalism in Canada, and to increase awareness about those issues in the public, the profession and the judiciary.

The directors of CALE/ACEJ are Basil Alexander, Brent Cotter, Richard Devlin, Jula Hughes, Sonia Lawrence, Andrew Flavelle Martin, Gillian MacNeil, Pooja Parmar,  Stephen Pitel, Alain Roussy, and Amy Salyzyn. For the bylaws, click: CALE By-Law No 1

The officers for 2021-2022 are:

  • Chair of the Board: Richard Devlin
  • President: Amy Salyzyn
  • Vice-President: Stephen Pitel
  • Corporate Secretary and Treasurer: Basil Alexander
  • Chief Information Officer: Amy Salyzyn
  • Conference Coordinator: Jula Hughes

If you have comments on our website, would like us to link your website, or post information please contact Amy Salyzyn at amy.salyzyn@uottawa.ca.

To join the CALE/ACEJ listserv, please review the listserv’s Community Guidelines (English and French versions below) and, if eligible and interesting in joining, contact Professor Amy Salyzyn at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law at amy.salyzyn@uottawa.ca.