Vesselin Popovski (ed): International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics

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International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics Feb 2014

This book examines the interesting and relatively understudied area of the evolution of the international rule of law and the role of professional ethics. With chapters contributed by leading names in international law, this book offers analysis and recommends policies to strengthen the rule of law at international level to meet a major global governance demand in ensuring equity, justice, stability and consistency in international affairs.


  • Introduction; From domestic to international rule of law: a long and unfinished journey, Vesselin Popovski;
  • ‘Unqualified human good’ or a bit of ‘ruling-class chatter’? The rule of law at the national and international level, Simon Chesterman;
  • ‘Thin theories’ of the domestic and international rule of law, Charles Sampford; Reflections on the rule of law: its scope and significance for partners in development, John Barker;
  • What is ‘international impartiality’?, Frédéric Mégret;
  • Professions without borders: global ethics and the international rule of law, Charles Sampford;
  • International civil service ethics, professionalism and the rule of law, Lorne Sossin and Vasuda Sinha;
  • International rule of law? Ethics and impartiality of legal professionals in international criminal tribunals, Chandra Lekha Sriram;
  • Judicial ethics at the international criminal tribunals, William Schabas;
  • Conclusion, Vesselin Popovski;
  • Index.

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