A Cockfield: Introduction to Legal Ethics

Arthur Cockfield’s book on legal ethics was recently published by LexisNexis Canada Inc., in May, 2013


This book is designed to help to prepare law students and lawyers for ethical and professional issues that  arise in the practice of law and to understand and apply rules of professional conduct. The book can be used, alone or as a supplement to other texts, to generate discussions among students or within a classroom environment about legal ethics. Undergraduate students, legal clients and other members of the public who are interested in the rules that govern lawyers’ professional lives
may also wish to read the book.

It consists of three parts. Part I is an annotated version of the Rules of Professional Conduct by the Law Society of Upper Canada (the Ontario bar), which includes selected rulings by Law Society tribunals as well as relevant case law. Part II of the book is a legal ethics novella entitled Sandra’s Trust. The novella tells the story of Terry Bradford, and his efforts to build his law practice while assisting a mysterious new client, Sandra Nishiyama. Part III provides an answer key to the legal ethics questions within Sandra’s Trust. The answer key identifies important issues of professional conduct with an emphasis on reviewing the interaction between the core rules of professional conduct and ethical challenges arising from practice.

The SSRN post includes the book’s preface, table of contents, first two chapters of Sandra’s Trust and the answer key for these two chapters.  Click HERE for the SSRN page.

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