A Dodek: Does Solicitor-Client Privilege Apply to an Attorney-General Who Is Not a Lawyer?

Adam Dodek posted to SLAW on August 6, 2013.

No, it should not. That’s the best answer under existing doctrine and I think it is also the right answer.

In my previous post The Curious Case of the Non-Lawyer Attorney General: White Tiger of the Legal Profession, I reviewed the BC courts’ rejection to a challenge to a non-lawyer being appointed to the top legal job in the BC government.

Since then, BC Premier Christy Clark appointed a lawyer (!) as Justice Minister and Attorney General (The Hon. Suzanne Anton).

Despite this, the trend of non-lawyers being appointed as AGs is not abating and the issue of whether Solicitor-Client Privilege covers their advice is likely to come before the courts eventually. Should Solicitor-Client Privilege protect advice from a non-lawyer Attorney General?

For the full article, complete with handy hyperlinks and discussion, go to the SLAW website HERE

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