Legal Ethics Volume 16 Issue 1

There continues to be strong Canadian representation and content in the latest edition of the journal “Legal Ethics” published by Hart Publishing in Oxford.

Here is a link to the Table of Contents;jsessionid=cgiqjk09r7q1f.alexandra

It features articles by Canadians/listserv members:

“The Past, Present . . . and Future (?) of Judicial Ethics Education in Canada” by Richard Devlin (Schulich), C. Adele Kent and Susan Lightstone

“The Not Now Habit: Procrastination, Legal Ethics and Legal Education” by Annalise Acorn (Alberta) and Jason Buttuls

“John Rambo v. Atticus Finch: Gender, Diversity and Civility” by Amy Salyzyn (Yale JSD / uOttawa Sessional Professional)

Correspondent’s Report from Canada: Foreclosures, Freemen, Foreign Law Schools and the Continuing Search for Meaningful Access to Justice” Amy Salyzn (*Note all Correspondents’ Reprots are available free online).

Note that Alice Woolley is the Book Review Editor for Legal Ethics.

Members of the Advisory Board include Brent Cotter, Richard Devlin, Adam Dodek and Lorne Sossin.

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