Good Character: Can a person change?

Decision from the Law Society of Upper Canada on Good Character.

Can a person who falls from a place of privilege through his deliberate breach of the public trust be redeemed, or is that person destined to repeat his misdeeds because of an innate character flaw?  Reasonable people may differ in their answer to this question depending on their view of human nature, but our jurisprudence on good character applications starts from the premise than an individual can change for the good, even an individual who has in the past admitted to reprehensible conduct involving breach of the public trust.  If such an individual establishes that, more likely than not, she or he is presently a person of good character, our jurisprudence compels the hearing panel to grant her or his application for a Class L1 licence.

For the full decision, click Good Character – Reasons for Decision – August 19 2011 (2).

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