Unauthorized practice and access to justice

Great post by Alice Woolley on how regulating the unauthorized practice of law may lead to injustice on ABlawg.ca.  From the introduction:

Unauthorized practice and access to justice

Written by: Alice Woolley

Case considered: Lameman v Alberta, 2011 ABQB 396

The Beaver Lake Cree Nation have commenced an action against the federal and provincial Crowns claiming that their treaty rights have been infringed by the Crown “taking up so much of their traditional territory that [they] have no meaningful right to hunt, trap or fish” (Lameman v Alberta, 2011 ABQB 396, para 12). The Crown brought applications to strike the Nation’s actions, the hearings in respect of which were adjourned on the basis of the Nation’s impecuniosity.

The full post is available at ABlawg.ca and accessed if you click HERE.

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