Law Society of British Columbia invites non-lawyers to participate in discipline process

From the LSBC website:

Public invited to apply to sit on discipline and credentials hearing panels

Vancouver – The Law Society is inviting members of the public to apply to participate in its hearing panels. Starting tomorrow, ads will appear in newspapers across the province seeking qualified applicants.

Hearings are important to the Society’s role in ensuring lawyers meet high standards of professional conduct, learning and competence. Hearing panels hear cases about alleged discipline violations and incompetence by lawyers, as well as the character and fitness of new lawyer applicants.

The Law Society’s hearing process already includes some non-lawyers, by the inclusion of government-appointment members of its board, called the Benchers. This new group of people that will be called upon for panels will further expand the role the public plays in the regulatory process.

For the rest of the story, click HERE.

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