CALE Conference – Teaching Session (Call for Proposals)

Proposals (volunteers) are invited for CALE’s session on Teaching to be held during the The Annual Meeting of the Canadian Legal Ethics Association (CALE) will be held this year on October 27-29 2016 at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta.
The session is entitled Teaching Legal Ethics:  What Works? (and What Doesn’t . . .).   The goal of the session is to have a multiplicity of voices bringing different experiences of successes and failures to share with the participants.   We are therefore inviting proposals for presentations generally of 6-8 minutes long in which you will present one teaching exercise, learning material or assessment method that has worked for you in teaching legal ethics.   You may also propose a teaching exercise that did not work and explain what you learned from this and how you responded.  We will also consider proposals for longer than 8 minutes if you have a really really good idea to share with the group.  Your presentation can be accompanied by a paper, a powerpoint or learning materials but it need not be.  
Please respond to Jula ( and Adam ( with a 3-5 line expression of interest by  May 25, 2016.
Jula Hughes & Adam Dodek
Co-Chairs, Teaching Session, 2016 CALE Conference (Alberta)

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