CALE Conference October 23 – 25: Last Reminder

The CALE conference is scheduled for October 23-25, 2014 in London, Ontario.  On the evening of Oct 23 there will be dinner and a social event at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre and then on Oct 24 we start in the morning with a shuttle over to Western Law.  The conference ends mid-afternoon on Oct 25.  On Oct 24 there will be a dinner sponsored by Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP followed by a speech by Ian Binnie.  Other sponsors of elements of the conference include Emond Montgomery Publications and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

There is no registration fee.  We will be tracking attendees based on your booking of the accommodation (for which you are responsible, logistically and financially) at the Centre or based on you telling us that you are attending but staying elsewhere.  If you are not staying at the Centre and you do not know for sure that I know you are attending, please contact Stephen Pitel at Western.

The Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre is now taking bookings.  You can make your booking over the web ( or by phone (1-888-678-6926).  

The conference will feature:

  • a session on teaching covering several issues including the “flipping” of the classroom;
    a session on regulatory developments covering several issues including the notion of principle-based regulation’ and
    three sessions on in-progress research on a wide range of legal ethics topics. 
    If you did not see the earlier calls for volunteers to present or for some reason did not respond, and are interested in presenting, please let me know because it is possible that we might be able to fit you into the program.

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