R N M Graham: Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases, and Professional Regulation (3rd Edition)

Randal N. M. Graham’s casebook: Legal Ethics: Theories, Caes, and Professional Regulation (Emond Montgomery Publications, 2014) available soon.

Order through Emond Montgomery Publications

From the website:

Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases, and Professional Regulation, 3rd Edition is the only Canadian legal ethics text to focus specifically upon the approach applied by regulators in practice, presenting lawyers’ ethical obligations in direct relation to the concepts that are of greatest concern to regulators. This casebook delivers a structured and rational assessment of ethical decision-making by tying it to predictable and measurable costs and benefits, and examining the impact of decision outcomes on the social functions of the legal system.

The third edition of Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases, and Professional Regulation has been adapted to reference the Federation of Law Societies’ Model Code of Professional Conduct as its primary source of ethical rules, so that it may apply to all Canadian jurisdictions. It features an expanded section on the Good Character requirement that applies to students on their admission to the bar, as well as a new section on Civility, and recent developments in the expanding Duty of Loyalty. The regulatory approach presented by the author demystifies nebulous notions of “ethics” and “morality” by examining the efficient functioning of the legal system, the effect of rules on self-interested actors, the goals of deterrence and compensation, and the implications of a self-governing profession.

Throughout this edition of Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases, and Professional Regulation, surprising theoretical situations are introduced to illuminate the intricacies of legal ethics and demonstrate how they are applied in practice. Extensive sample questions, illustrative scenarios, and hypothetical case studies will provoke lively classroom discussion and thoughtful analysis of the ethical principles being considered. This casebook delivers a thorough and methodical account of legal ethics that will equip students with the insight and analytical capacity to apply their knowledge in a wide variety of practical and professional contexts.

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