A Woolley: Chapter in a New Book


How Can You Represent Those People?  Edited by Abbe Smith and Monroe H. Freedman

Palgrave MacMillan, publishers. Discounted pre-publication sales currently available at Amazon.com!

This is the first-ever collection of essays on what criminal defense lawyers call The Cocktail Party Question. Contributors are some of the most experienced and thoughtful lawyers and teachers in the

country: Barbara Babcock, Paul Butler, Tucker Carrington, Angela Davis, Alan Dershowitz, Monroe Freedman, Vida Johnson, Joseph Margulies, William Montross, Ann Roan, Meghan Shapiro, David Singleton, Abbe Smith, Robin Steinberg, Michael Tigar, and Alice Woolley. It is a must-buy for lawyers, law students, and anyone interested in crime, punishment, race, poverty, and the motivations of criminal lawyers.

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