The Canadian Judicial Council to review the conduct of the Honourable Michel Girouard

Press release from the Canadian Judicial Council website.  For the CJC website, click HERE.

Ottawa, 8 January 2013 – The Canadian Judicial Council has confirmed that the Honorable François Rolland, Chief Justice of the Quebec Superior Court has requested that a review of the conduct of the Honourable Michel Girouard of the Quebec Superior Court be undertaken.  The review  concerns his conduct prior to his appointment to the Bench and includes an allegation that the judge would have participated in a transaction to purchase an illicit substance from a police informant.  This is only an allegation: no facts have been established in this matter.

As part of the review, all relevant information will be carefully considered by the Vice-chairperson of the Judicial Conduct Committee of Council. The judge will have a full opportunity to make representations about the allegations.

Since making this request to Council, the judge’s Chief Justice has not assigned any new work to Justice Girouard.

Council takes the review of all complaints seriously and deals with every complaint in accordance with its Complaints Procedures.  Information about the Council, including its Complaints Procedures, can be found on the Council’s website at

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