Legal Ethics Volume 15, Number 2, December 2012

The new edition of the journal Legal Ethics (Hart Publishing) has now been published is available for order if you click HERE

Comparative Studies of Lawyer Deviance and Discipline

There is a fair bit of Canadian content including:

  • An article by Alice Woolley (Calgary) titled “Regulation in Practice: The ‘Ethical Economy’ of Lawyer Regulation in Canada and a Case Study in Lawyer Deviance”
  • A report on the ILEC V Conference by Alice Woolley and Richard Devlin, co-chairs of the conference, titled “Merging Worlds, Emerging Discourses”
  • The Correspondent’s Report from Canada by Amy Salyzyn (Yale SJD) available for free if you click HERE.
  • And a Book Review by Alice Woolley, “Crime and Guilt”


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