CALE: Year in Review

To the CALE Listserv

As the creator and the host of the Canadian Legal Ethics listserv, it is my pleasure to provide this year end report to the 75 of you who are members of this listserv. How did this happen?

The listserv was founded at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law in October 2010 after the 5th meeting of the group variously known as the Canadian Legal Ethics teachers network and other names. Since we don’t have much in the way of competition, there is much risk in our using many names. Let me thank my Law School, the University of Ottawa, for hosting the listserv.

At that meeting in October, we also decided to formally create an organization – the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics (CALE) who had its founding corporate meeting at ILEC 5 in Banff in July 2012. The CALE website can be found at and is run by Chantal Morton an expatriate Canadian legal ethics teacher now teaching in Melbourne. If you would like to post information on the CALE website please e-mail Chantal at CAlegalethics – at – Chantal often posts articles that people post on this listserv to our public CALE website.

This listserv is not public. However, with 75 people it is hard to consider things confidential and I would caution people appropriately. The list is predominantly made up of full-time law teachers in Canada with some part-time law teachers/ full-time lawyers as well. There are several regulators, a judge and some other lawyers who actively contribute to conversations.

I am particularly pleased that over the past year several graduate students and post-graduate students have joined the list. I will single them out because they are the future of teaching legal ethics in Canada: Noel Semple, SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for the Legal Profession, University of Toronto Faculty of Law; Emanuel Tucsa, Osgoode; and Amy Salyzyn, SJD Candidate, Yale Law School.

Let me invite all of you to share news of your publications and of those of others. Let me send a special invitation to our graduate / post-graduate students to send me your work and your news to share with others.

I try to welcome new members as they join, but sometimes I am remiss or I am slow. Let me welcome Sarah Buhler of the University of Saskatchewan as our newest member. Sarah will be teaching Professional Responsibility at U of S starting this Winter.

For those who tweet, you can follow some of us on twitter: @AmySalyzyn, @DeanSossin, @mmercertoronto, @micahrankin, @julahughes, @dwwiseman, @ADodek. If you are on Twitter, let me know and I will circulate – Chantal will add links to our CALE website for all.

If you are interested in subscribing to the CALE listserv or joining CALE please contact Adam Dodek at

I believe that it is ethical and appropriate to wish those celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best to everyone for a Happy and Ethical 2013. May the Canadian Legal Ethics community continue to grow.

Adam Dodek

Moderator, Canadian Legal Ethics Listserv

Secretary and Treasurer, Canadian Association for Legal Ethics (CALE)

Vice-Dean Research & Associate Professor

Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

University of Ottawa

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