L Sossin: “Administrative Justice and Adjudicative Ethics in Canada”

Published: (2012) 25  Canadian Journal of Amin Law and Practice 131.

This article explores the idea and practice of adjudicative ethics in the context of administrative justice in Canada.  This analysis is divided into three parts.  The first part distinguishes adjudicative ethics from judicial ethics on the one hand and public service ethics on the other.  The section considers adjudicative ethics in practice, drawing on examples from the codes of conduct of particular adjudicative tribunals to legislation addressing conflicts of interests on a province-wide basis.  Adjudicative ethics is also situated within the broader context of accountability legislation.  Finally, the third section canvasses unsettled areas and the challenges ahead.  The article highlights the patchwork nature of adjudicative ethics in Canada, and contends that a more coherent and comprehensive approach is needed.

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