A Woolley: In memoriam: The Law Society of Alberta Code of Professional Conduct, 1995-2011

From the Canadian Lawyer, September 11, 2012

By Alice Woolley

In the fall of 2011, the Law Society of Alberta implemented a new Code of Professional Conduct. The new code is based on the Federation of Law Societies of Canada Model Code of Professional Conduct. Its implementation resulted in the repeal of the prior Law Society of Alberta code of conduct (1995 code), the implementation of which in 1995 may be the most innovative step ever taken by a Canadian law society. The 1995 code rejected the Canadian Bar Association Model Code, which all Canadian law societies had to that point followed, more or less, with its narrow scope and tendency towards the aspirational. Instead the 1995 code set out clear and comprehensive guidelines establishing the essential obligations of lawyers working across practice contexts, and covering the spectrum of the tasks that lawyers do.

For the full article on the Canadian Lawyer webpage, click HERE.

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