M Trebilcock, A Duggan and L Sossin, eds, Middle Income Access to Justice

We are delighted to announce the publication of Middle Income Access to Justice, edited by Michael Trebilcock, Anthony Duggan, and Lorne Sossin. This highly anticipated book is a collection of papers presented at last year’s colloquium. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please see the information below.

Online: www.utppublishing.com

By email: utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.ca

By mail:

University of Toronto Press

5201 Dufferin Street

Toronto, M3H 5T8

By phone: 1-800-565-9523 (North America)(416) 667-7791

By fax: 1-800-221-9985(North America)(416) 667-7832

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