J Kalajdzic: Self-Interest, Public Interest, and the Interests of The Absent Client

Jasminka Kalajdzic’s new article “Self-Interest, Public Interest, and the Interests of The Absent Client: Legal Ethics and Class Action Praxis” (2011) 49 Osgoode Hall L J 1 is available if you click HERE.

Professor Janet Walker, Osgoode Hall Law School, discusses the article in a post on Jotwell, July 2, 2012:

It is surprising what you can learn by watching the next generation coming of age. In this way, lawyers in the United States can gain much from following the experiences of the Canadian legal community as it climbs the steep learning curve needed to formulate the parameters and protocols for complex litigation.

Civil litigation and the structure of the legal profession in Canada do not pretend to challenge American exceptionalism. There are important differences between the two legal systems. But they have enough in common that academics and others in the U.S. can gain useful insight into class actions practice by hearing how Canadians are currently struggling to meet the kinds of challenges that have long been the subject of debate in the U.S. In this fine article, Jasminka Kalajdzic explores a new subject, at least for Canadian lawyers: the special ethical concerns that arise for counsel in class actions.

For the full analysis, click HERE.

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