Civility, LSUC Discipline Hearing v. Joe Groia etc.

As many people are aware, there is a Law Society Discipline panel proceeding currently hearing charges of incivility against Joe Groia in connection with R. v. Felderhof, [2003] O.J. No. 4819.

Press Coverage:

August 2, The Globe and Mail: A New Fight for Bre-X Lawyer

August 2,The Globe and Mail: Bre-X lawyer Joe Groia in his own words

August 2, The Star: Lawyer faces hearing for ‘uncivil’ behaviour

August 7, The Star:–questions-about-law-hearing

August 8, The Star: Bre-X geologist wanted an aggressive lawyer

August 8, The Law Times: Groia defends ‘forceful advocacy’

August 9, The Globe and Mail: Former Bre-X geologist says lawyer was ‘cordial’

August 2, in the Globe and Mail, Eddie Greenspan and David Roebuck offered a perspective sympathetic to Mr. Groia.  Click HERE.

On August 8,  the LSUC issued this press release: click HERE.

August 13, The Star: Civility movement ‘not helpful’ ethicist tells discipline hearing with Professor Alice Woolley, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law

August 18, The Globe and Mail: Brian Greenspan testifies at Groia trial

September 29, The Globe and Mail: Joe Groia on Trial

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