Dodek: “Ethics in Practice: Sex on the Internet … “

Adam Dodek, “Ethics in Practice: Sex on the Internet and Fitness for Judicial Offices: Correspondent’s Report from Canada” (2010) 13 Legal Ethics 215 – 219.

From the intro:

Canada is a country better known for its calm and moderation than for noise and scandal. One of Canada’s nicknames, after all, is ‘the peaceable country’. At times Canadians look to our southern neighbours with some degree of envy in that their Declaration of Independence endowed them with ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, whereas our progenitors in Westminster saw fit to give us ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’ (which we refer to affectionately as ‘POGG’). It is against this background that Canada can now boast of legal scandal to rival those in both the mother country and the American colossus. This made-in-Canada scandal contains all the requisite elements: sex, power, money, race, and the internet.

For the full article, click Dodek Ethics in Practice Sex and Internet (2).

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