Federation of Law Societies of Canada: Conflicts of Interest

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada Advisory Commitee on Conflicts of Interest has posted its supplementary report on Conflicts of Interest.

It is available on the FLSC website by clicking HERE.

The introduction to the report explains:


 1. The Advisory Committee on Conflicts of Interest (the “Committee”) was originally mandated to make recommendations to the Council of the Federation on a rule governing conflicts of interest. After studying the relevant law, considering the report of the Canadian Bar Association Task Force on Conflicts of Interest (the “CBA Task Force”), meeting with members of the CBA Task Force, and reviewing the draft rule in the Model Code of Professional Conduct, the Committee issued its final report in June 2010 (the “Final Report”).

 2. In August 2010, while voting on the Final Report by members of Council was underway, the Federation received a response to the Final Report from the Canadian Bar Association (the “CBA Response”). At the request of Council, the Committee was reconvened to consider the CBA Response, to conduct such consultations as the Committee saw fit and to report back to Council.

 3. This is the report of the Committee’s further  onsiderations, consultations and recommendations.

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