R Graham: Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases and Professional Regulation

The second edition of Randal Graham’s Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases and Professional Regulation is now available.

From the Emond Montgomery Publications website:


With a basic overview of the nature of ethical reasoning, the second edition of Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases, and Professional Regulation presents a thorough and clear discussion on ethical philosophy and related challenges faced by the legal profession. Author Randal Graham analyzes legal decisions in the context of tort, contract, criminal, and administrative law and uses this discussion as a backdrop for examining rules of professional conduct. Students will gain detailed knowledge of the Canadian Bar Association Code of Professional Conduct and provincial codes of conduct, Ontario’s Law Society Act, as well as key issues related to confidentiality, conflicts of interest, character and integrity requirements, self-regulation, and general regulatory theory.

For more information and to order a copy, click HERE.

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