Decision: Consulate Ventures (ONCA) – Conflicts

Consulate Ventures Inc. v. Amico Contracting & Engineering (1992) Inc., 2010 ONCA 788 (CanLII)

From the decision:


[1]               Consulate Ventures Inc., the respondent on appeal, brings a motion for an order removing Mr. Alan Lenczner as counsel for the appellants on this appeal.  The respondent contends that Mr. Lenczner, who was retained by the respondent briefly in respect of the same matter some 11 years ago, cannot act for the appellants on this appeal.  Counsel for Mr. Lenczner submits that, in the circumstances, Mr. Lenczner can act on the appeal for the appellants without compromising either his duty of confidentiality to the respondent or his obligations to his present clients, the appellants. 

For the full decision, click here.

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